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We are thrilled to announce a partnership with the Dorchester Consolidated School. We have had the pleasure of helping them design an aquaponics classroom, and the build will be starting soon!

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Dorchester Consolidated School

-Food Learning Lab & Aquaponic Classroom-


The pictures in this gallery are screenshots of the 3D model of the future classroom. It will contain several different styles of aquaponic systems, and it will allow students to learn about;

- Biology

- Chemistry

- Geometry 

- Physics

- Nutrition

- Math

- Measurement

- Aquaculture

- Entrepreneurship

- Food Sovereignty

- Community Service

- Sustainable Agriculture


All in a fun engaging environment!

We have had the honor of being asked to join a newly formed food security group here in Saint John. The group is made up of members from a wide variety of professions, and we all share a passion for food security and food sovereignty.

Saint John Food Security Group

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